Automatic Video Summarization

Whether you are serving professionally produced video or user-generated video...

Regardless of the screen: TV, Computer or Mobile

Your users want an easy way...

  • to skim the sample the video
  • before committing watch the entire video
  • to catch-up on past content
  • to easily share interesting clips in social media

Power your device, mobile or web app, with the video summarization technology using the Skimo REST API

How does it work?

Skimo Engine summarizes video. Skimo Engine analyzes long video (e.g. a TV episode) into a 3-minute video summary. Skimo TV’s patent-pending technology applies machine learning techniques to extract the scenes and partial scenes that best capture the essence of the long video. The summarization process is very CPU-intensive, but the resulting video (typically MPEG4) is played just like any video.

Engaged Pay Television

With Skimo Technology

  • DVRs become more frequently used
  • TV Guides rich in features
  • TV Everywhere apps addictive
  • TV naturally Social
Viewers can watch "However much" - a recap of a TV Show or binge watch an entire season, depending on the time they have and the device they are using

Skimo...the missing button in your video player

Whether you are a video provider or

have tons of videos in your Enterprise

your video player needs a Skimo button.

you could even provide a Skimo Store to sell Skimos of your content, which is natural for Mobile Phones

Skimo...the bite-sized content for the Mobile Phone and Social Media

Skimo is the easiest way to provide bite-sized content from your asset library

You can even monetize the Skimo, using a Skimo Store

or simply use Skimo as an automatic preview for your long-form video in Social Media

The possibilities are endless

Integrate your video assets to Skimo easily via the Skimo REST API using the Skimo Cloud or as an on-premise Appliance

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